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We equip partners with a superior cancer monitoring solution to accelerate the research and development of novel drugs and optimize cancer treatment.

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C2i’s ultra sensitive cancer monitoring technology and robust global platform can revolutionize and accelerate drug development by providing real time information for oncology clinical trial enrollment and development of highly sensitive and specific surrogate endpoints.

Clinical Trial Use Case
  • 1. Enrollment

    Guide patient selection based on biopsy mutation signature and blood-based MRD

  • 2. Molecular monitoring

    Early assessment of treatment response

  • 3. Surrogate marker

    Molecular detection of treatment outcomes

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Partnership opportunities

The C2i Intelligence Platform is GDPR and HIPAA compliant and is currently being used for clinical research and drug development in multiple leading cancer centers and hospitals around the world.

  • 01.
    Clinical Trial Enrollment and Management

    Our technology can be used to assess patients’ residual disease and cancer burden to guide patient selection for clinical trial enrollment and provide real time assessment of treatment response and trial outcomes.

  • 02.
    Treatment Monitoring

    Our technology can be used to assess patients’ residual disease and cancer burden throughout the duration of treatment to monitor response and provide insights on treatment outcomes.

  • 03.
    Treatment Selection

    Our technology will be able to provide actionable insights and personalized treatment recommendations based on a patient's tumor signature and MRD.

  • 04.
    Development Collaborations

    Our technology can be utilized in a multitude of collaborations, from drug and diagnostic development, to data aggregation, insights and RWE development.

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Utilize our MRD monitoring and cancer intelligence platform.

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