We combine cutting-edge genomics and sophisticated AI to provide the world’s first whole-genome cancer intelligence platform, transforming the way cancer is monitored and treated.

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Our solution combines AI pattern recognition and whole-genome sequencing to provide rapid and specific detection of residual disease that is up to 100x more sensitive than competing technologies.


Our novel approach to detecting minimal residual disease (MRD) leverages the entire 3 billion base pairs of the genome using whole genome pattern recognition.

Across the entire genome, we identify the genetic pattern of a patient’s cancer using thousands of data points and our proprietary computation and AI methods. Our technology allows for significantly higher sensitivity, 100X more than any other alternative, while only using small samples of blood (1-2mL). The large genomic signature allows accurate and robust tracking of the tumor progression as it evolves during the patient treatment and follow up period. Our technology also eliminates the need to develop a patient-specific assay, enabling high performance monitoring with reduced complexity and rapid turnaround.


Why C2i technology?

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    Low-input Liquid Biopsy

    A simple blood test that only requires 2-3ml of the patient’s blood

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    Ultra Sensitive

    Our technology utilizes artificial intelligence that recognizes patient-specific cancer patterns to provide unprecedented acuity in cancer detection

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    Personalized Signature

    Tumor specific signature is detected in the patient’s blood, fully personalized without the need for patient-specific assay development

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    Aggregated SNV & CNV Signal

    Robustness to mutation landscape and genetic drift

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    Response Signatures

    Vast data and features to mine for response signatures

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    Global processing network

    High accessibility, and data privacy with rapid turnaround in every location


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Our technology has been validated with more than 1000 samples processed in longitudinal studies with top global clinical centers, C2i has now established partnerships with leading cancer sequencing centers across the world, with active clinical trials conducted at the US, EU and Asia, covering a variety of solid cancer types.