We provide clinicians with the most accurate assessment of their patient’s current cancer burden to inform cancer treatment and improve clinical outcomes.

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Using the C2-Intelligence Platform, physicians can spot trace amounts of persistent or recurrent cancer much earlier, at far lower levels, to inform better treatment decisions and ultimately save lives.

The cloud-based technology can be deployed in point-of-care settings to provide actionable insights into the progression of a patient’s cancer in as little as one week, enabling informed next steps around treatment on-the-spot.

The technology can be used currently as research-use-only (RUO) within clinical research studies.


Programs across the clinical pathway

Our test allows detection of residual cancer before patients undergo additional therapy, so patients that have residual disease will be given the treatment they need, while those who are cured will be spared unnecessary chemotherapy or surgery.

  • 01.
    Organ Preservation

    Assessment of patient’s residual disease and cancer burden post neo-adjuvant therapy to determine whether or not a patient is in need of surgery and prevent unnecessary organ resection.

  • 02.
    MRD Guided Adjuvant Treatment

    Assessment of patient’s residual disease and cancer burden post surgery to determine whether or not adjuvant therapy is necessary.

  • 03.
    Treatment Response Monitoring

    Assessment of patient’s residual disease during therapy to monitor a patient’s response to treatment and determine if they should continue, stop, or change treatment plans.

  • 04.
    Detecting Recurrence Early

    Assessment of patient’s residual disease during follow up visits to accurately and rapidly assess if their patient’s cancer has recurred and determine if treatment is needed.


How it works

Our ultra-sensitive test uses whole genome sequencing to characterize the complete set of cancer mutations, and then applies artificial intelligence to detect if there are traces of cancer in your blood.

  • 01.

    Whole-Genome Sequencing

    A personalized tumor DNA signature is created for the patient using whole genome sequencing to characterize the entire set of the patient’s cancer mutations from a tumor biopsy that was taken when they were first diagnosed with cancer.

  • 02.

    AI-powered Detection

    Artificial intelligence and advanced analytics is used to assess the low levels of the patient’s cancer DNA from blood draws taken before, during, and after definitive therapy.

  • 03.

    Informed Treatment Decisions

    Real time information on the patient’s residual disease and response to current treatment is provided to the clinician to determine whether or not additional treatment or surgery is needed.

Properties of our test

  • Whole-Genome Signature integration (matched filter)
  • Personalized noise model
  • AI-based error suppression
  • Integration of multiple genomic features
  • Formalin Fixed
  • Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) Tissue
  • 10 slides 5 microns thick with 20mm2 size
  • 2-3 mL of whole blood

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