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Monitoring cancer


with whole genome pattern recognition

liquid biopsy for post surgery monitoring of cancer recurrence

C2i Genomics is the first company to develop post-surgery monitoring of cancer recurrence and progression by analyzing subtle changes in the pattern of the tumor’s DNA. Our liquid biopsy Whole Genome assay and cancer burden score will equip oncologists with vital timely information months to years before current monitoring methods are able to.

A better
monitoring system
is needed FOR CANCER ​

Removing a tumor might not
leave the patient cancer-free

Surgical resection is the preferred way to treat solid cancer tumors. But even if the tumor is completely removed, stray cancer cells may still be shedding tumor DNA into the blood, allowing cancer regrowth and disease recurrence. Despite close monitoring with serum markers and imaging tests, detection is usually delayed until months to years after recurrence. By then, it might be too late to apply even the most effective remedies.









Thousands of reference points for early detection

 C2i’s liquid biopsy is a robust tool for cancer tumor monitoring. It is the first to work by identifying subtle changes in genetic patterns across the entire tumor. Based on advanced bioinformatics and AI, it compares thousands of data points obtained from periodic liquid biopsy blood tests of a patient to her own baseline of sequenced tumor tissue and whole genome analysis. The unique pattern generated is converted to a cancer burden score, making cancer more predictable and manageable. 

Key benefits

C2i’s Whole Genome analysis solution for monitoring tumor
recurrence in post-resection cancer patients shows significant benefits

100X more sensitive​

Tests more than 100X sensitive than any other monitoring alternative

Unique pattern analysis

Ultra sensitive by analyzing thousands of reference points rather than a single point 

Only 2ml need

Proprietary technology shows results in  blood volumes as little as 2ml 


Offered as a diagnostic service at the point-of-care enabling rapid deployment worldwide


Partnering with a global clinical network

In a short period of time we managed to cooperate with the finest academic institutions, diagnostic networks and pharma companies

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