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Cancer surveillance that saves lives

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Our Mission

We empower researchers, physicians, and patients with the world’s first whole‑genome cancer treatment intelligence platform.


We are Solving for Cancer’s Biggest Problems - Over and Under Treatment

When a tumor is surgically removed today, tiny amounts of residual cancer cells may remain at a level that is undetectable with imaging or current blood-based technologies. Due to this uncertainty:

  • Patients are often unnecessarily overtreated with toxic chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Others may not receive the necessary treatment while cryptic, residual cancer quietly progresses and metastasizes throughout the body.
The Solution

A blood test that can detect and quantify tiny amounts of residual cancer to better monitor cancer treatment, progression, and recurrence. C2i’s ultra-sensitive test enables high precision personalized medicine, reduced cancer treatment costs, and accelerated drug development.

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The C2i Difference

Our Platform

Our SaaS solution utilizes a cloud-based platform to perform cancer tumor burden monitoring on a global scale, leveraging the thousands of already installed genome sequencers around the world.

Utilizing our platform, our technology is accessible anywhere in the world, bringing high precision personalized cancer monitoring to a growing number of locations on the map.

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Areas of Impact

Our Programs

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    Personalized treatment decision and monitoring with multiple applications throughout the clinical timeline of a patient’s cancer treatment.

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    Pharma & Research

    Partner with us to utilize our MRD monitoring and cancer Intelligence Platform in your clinical trials and research. Accelerating clinical trials with accurate enrollment and highly sensitive and specific surrogate endpoints.

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Who we are

Experts in life science and deep tech

C2i’s executive team brings together decades of experience across military intelligence and biotech companies including the New York Genome Center, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline, Tempus, Foundation Medicine, and Amwell.

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Join us in empowering researchers, physicians and patients with ultra-sensitive cancer detection.

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